May 17, 2017


Frenchs’ concrete only manufactures the highest quality concrete.  We scrutinize our suppliers to make sure we only use the highest quality limestone and natural sand, as well as the best admixtures available to the industry.  We can engineer a specific mix design to your exact specifications or we can help you identify the best mix for your application.  Our concrete manufacturing is produced by trained technicians and precise industry specific equipment is ensure concrete quality, consistency, and accurate batch sizes.


Concrete Products:

  • Bag mixes 5, 5.5, 6, 6.5, etc.
  • Psi: 3000, 3500, 4000 etc.
  • Grout
  • Flow-able Fill
  • Concrete designed to specification

Concrete Products:

  • Air
  • Accelerator
  • Retarder
  • Water Reducer

Concrete Reinforcement:

  • Rebar
  • Wire Mesh
  • Reinforcing Fibers

  • Expansion Joint Materials
  • Polyfilm
  • Full line or Kraft Tools
  • Butterfield Color
  • Cures & Sealers
Precast Concrete:

  • 2’x2’x6′ V-Interlock
  • 2’x2’x6′ Smooth